Desserts (only for catering events)

Vienna Cheesecake (Sernik Wiedenski)

Cheesecake (round 9 inches) $30 Cheesecake (9x12) $40 With homemade farmers cheese please add $5 to the price.


Poppyseed Cake (with cranberries or apple) (Makowiec) 9x12inch

Gluten Free available $50


Polish style apple pie (Szarlotka)

Gluten Free available for $40


Creamy Cake (Tort)

Base price $35. Custom ingredients available.


Tiramisu Izabela

3 layer almond cake with mascarpone. Whipped cream filling. Topped with strawberries


Pavlova (gluten free)

Pavlova with lemon curd $28 Egg less Pavlova $28


Napoleon Cake (Napoleonka)

Two layers of pastry separated by a thick cream layer. The whole pastry is then covered with powdered sugar.


Ferrero Cake (9x12inch)

Hazelnut chocolate cake with Nutella whipped cream filling, decorated with Ferrero Rocher chocolate.


Traditional poppy seeds roll

Our traditional poppy seeds roll


Polish Truffles/Bajaderka

Our delicious handmade Polish truffles.


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