Polish Style Sandwiches (mini kanapki)

with cheese, deli meats, pate

$45/plate serves 10

Smoked salmon on a dark rye bread (wędzony łosoś na ciemnym chlebie)

Smoked salmon on a dark bread, cream cheese, red onion and capers

$45/plate serves 10

Vegetable platter (półmisek warzyw)

Vegetable platter served with homemade ranch dressing

$45/plate serves 10

Deviled eggs (jajka faszerowane)

Cooked eggs stuffed with fillings of your choice

$25/plate serves 10

Cheese platter (półmisek serow)

Selection of Polish and International Cheeses

$50/plate serves 10

Fruit platter or fruit salad (półmisek z owocami, salatka owocowa)

Seasonal fruits

$50/plate serves 10

Our own hummus

Fresh garlicky hummus served with pita bread and veggies.

$45/plate serves 10

Homemade porkbelly spread (Smalec z cebulą i skwarkami)

Polish speciality


Polish potato and vegetable salad (Sałatka jarzynowa)

You have to try this Polish specialty


Polish Deli Platter

$50/serves up to 15 people

$80/serves 25-30

Buckwheat Blini with cream cheese and wild smoked salmon

$50/serves 10

Party Nibbles

Vegetarian version available

$50/serves 10

Phyllo Cups with Smoked Salmon

12 minimum. Phyllo cups with sun dried tomatoes mousse and wild smoked salmon.


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Mini meatballs in rich tomato sauce (mini mielone w pomidorowym sosie)

Polish version of Swedish meetballs

$40/serves 10

Stuffed Mushrooms (Pieczarki faszerowane)

With meat or vegetarian options.

$40/plate serves 10

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